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“A single Business Owner is the prime HR of his organisation.”
Entrepreneurs, business-owners. managers, HR aspirants are constantly involved in managing their human resources directly or indirectly –
Dr. Mohammed Bawaji (HR Specialist, CEO, CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd)

HRPET came into existence when Dr Bawaji curated twenty-one elements of simplifying HR Processes and created one design or diagram which encapsulated these elements. This was elaborated upon further in a book titled “Transformational HR, Beyond Processes” thereby as the name suggests, transforming these HR processes beyond what other resources have so far done. This book was launched online in July 2020 amidst the pandemic and received a phenomenal response by readers and enthusiasts alike. A certification course was devised and introduced on the CPHR Academy eLearning portal which enabled learners to get certified in the elements of HRPET.

What is the HRPET and how does it work?
To be able to say that HR processes are effective, there must be a strategy or tool that elucidates an organization’s techniques and processes so that selecting, retaining and motivating the right employees becomes a seamless process. The main elements of the tool should include integrating HR functions with one and another and at the same time be in line with the overall organisational strategy. The above diagram, HR Process Effectiveness Tool, which is a unique tool designed by Dr. Bawaji ensures that management is able to attract, select, manage, develop, retain and reward human resources by reinforcing crucial elements thereby establishing processes effectively and achieving organisational success. These crucial elements include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development, and Rewards. The implementation of the HR Process Effectiveness tool ensures that these elements are conducted in perfect harmony ensuring an increase in efficiency of the organisation as a whole.

Certification and Recognition
CPHR Services Pvt Ltd have secured copyrights for the ingenious tool created for managing HR Processes. From over thirty top researchers noteworthy work, this tool successfully emerged as the winner for the “Global Innovative HR Process Tool” by the Innovation Society. On Sunday, 11 October 2020, Dr Mohammed Bawaji accepted this award in a ceremony held in Gurgaon, India.
The HR Process Effectiveness Tool or HRPET is now globally recognised and a must use for Students, HR aspirants, business owners and professionals from all sections of the corporate and business world. Once trained and certified in the elements this tool details, an individual becomes well equipped to face all challenges posed by the HR Processes. Management of these processes becomes much simpler and efficiency of the organisation remains the goal in focus.

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