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Collaboration leads to innovation and progress. When we collaborate, we open new windows for business and opportunity. Partnering with us would mean lots of new opportunities for you in terms of income and exposure. Become a Strategic Business Partner today.


Who Can Partner With CPHR?

SBA is a versatile program that can be suitable for different ages and groups of individuals. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you could be eligible for this program. New mothers or those taking a break from their careers can also apply as the work is flexible and from the comfort of your home. Individuals who would like an additional income are also welcome to apply to partner with us.


What Do You Need?

If you have a passion to work for yourself and would like to work from the comfort of your home at your convenience this is the right step for you! All you need is time, dedication and an ability to identify and develop new opportunities.


How Can I Enroll In The SBA Program?

Call us and register your interest, we will analyze to see your suitability for our program and also send you a detailed brochure with all the information you need. More information will be provided about the agreement and financials after which you become and SBA and begin your journey!

Benefits of Partnering with us

  • You can keep your current job and do this as a side hustle
  • A new mother or one taking a break can enroll and stay in touch with the corporate world.
  • Freshers and University students get great exposure and experience.
  • Investment of your time and effort only.
  • Anonymity can be maintained upon request.
  • Personal growth = Company growth = Personal growth
  • Free Training provided
  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours


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Partner with Us