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Partner With Us (FAQ's)

Dr Mohammed Bawaji, an Entrepreneur with zeal and enthusiasm, management and HR Consultant for Top MNCs in India and also serves as a recruitment advisor to several Fortune 500 Companies. He has also been nominated for the coveted title of “Leader of Tomorrow Award - 2010” by ET NOW and IndiaMart.

Strategic Business Association is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with an operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.

  • To maximize shareholders' returns and value.
  • To excel our presence from other locations.
  • To dynamically grow through pro-active acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Anyone with experience in Sales, Recruitment or Consulting.

It is free of cost; however, CPHR shall reserve the rights to appoint new / more than one business partners in a location. If a Strategic Business Associate wants exclusive rights for his/her own location then they would have to pay a certain amount as license fees towards the RMS

30% on very closure of the candidate referred by you.

A premium portal will be provided to you for the entire contract period with CP HR Services.

RMS (Resource Management Solution) is a software where all our channel partners would share their requirements and get them fulfilled. A dedicated resource team would be deployed to provide support to Strategic Business Associate.

It totally depends on your performance. There is lot of business available in the market so the more you work, the more you make.

Yes, you can. You can do it yourself or hire someone but the responsibility of paying the person’s salary and getting them to perform is yours. We can help you in training them and share our BD terms for empanelling of Client.

The Support Team informs you of the closure through our Resource Management Solution (RMS) Software and a notification email for the same is been sent to your CP HR Services Email ID.

No, you can bring business from anywhere in India and Abroad.

Most the requirements that we get are of Mid-Level & Top Level .However, we also get Junior Level requirements.

Yes. We will definitely make an effort. After all, the purpose of Association is to spread across. However, we need to keep in mind that the work coming should be profitable.

Yes, you will be having a Business Association Manager at the Head Office who will interact with you on fortnight Basis. His/her Job is to give you guidance & assist you in the challenges you face.

That is something that you need to answer to yourself. This is not a Salaried Job so there are no promises.

RMS is third party software that is used by CP HR Services. The features are as follows,

  • View CP HR Services Database
  • Track Status of Candidate
  • Add candidate and create your own Database
  • More productivity due to Automated Operations
  • Transparency in operation
  • Generation of Performance Report

You will get training from Head Office for systems and process. Training can be online or in our office. Training duration is max 1 hour. Contents for the training will be provided in advance to study.

Yes & No. If we see you performing, then there is No Point having more than one. But if we do not see effort being made, then we will be forced to look out for another partner. However enough time will be given to you to show your potential.

No, all the expenses will have to be borne by the Strategic Business Associate themselves

We will help you. Our job is to be your support from time to time.

We prefer you be fully involved. However, in case you have a good ability to delegate and manage people, feel free to hire someone. But remember Salaries are supposed to be borne by you and the details of the Recruiter need to be shared with us.

Keeping you idle is a loss to us. We will help you every time you need.

Don’t worry we will help you. However, if there is something that is just not giving you the desired results after making considerable efforts, you can choose to give up on the assignments. After all every effort, you make needs to result into profits.

Yes, Of course you can. That is how you grow your Business. We will be happy to Guide & Assist you.


No, the Candidate is not on the Head Office Payroll, therefore we do not have a Salary Slip for them.

We never refer to you as Strategic Business Associate. For the Outside world, you are our Branch.

You will be CPHR Services Strategic Business Associate.

Association can be acquired on any member’s name provided the person is known to you and all the required documents are available.

We charge 8.33% of the Gross Annual CTC of the Candidate. This is payable to us once the candidate completes the guarantee period with the client from the date of the candidate joining. Please keep in mind there are delays in payments sometime from the client’s end.

The Billing Cycle is 15th of every month. It totally depending on how soon we receive the Payments from our client. Once the payment has been received, the profit share would we dispersed to the Business Partners accordingly.

Yes, we deduct 10% TDS from your share and provide you a TDS Certificate at the end of the year.

Cheque could be couriered to you on your mailing address or Online Transfer


Yes, training is being provided.


Yes, we can help you buy the same

Yes & No. Depending upon the client’s credibility and reputation in the market. It is sometimes beneficial for you to work at lower rates because you do not have too much overhead costs. Choice in yours.

We do Print Ads, Internet Marketing on networking sites, participation in various HR conferences as sponsors

You can refer the candidate to ‘gift a job.’

Gift A Job is a product of CP HR Services Pvt Ltd. For those who have resumes of friend & family can refer them to CP HR Service Pvt Ltd.

Computer, Telephone and Internet

No, we have a SUPPORT Team here that does client co-ordination as single point of contact for clients and save your time and effort in client follow up.

Yes & No. If you want to earn good returns Yes target is suggested to be implemented.

No. Nothing at this moment of time

A 22-Year-Old Boy & a 70-Year-Old Man are doing it. Definitely you can.

This is on the individual’s discretion.

Yes, you are welcome. We would be happier if you do.

Yes. We would be happy to do so.

Yes, we are. We have already started tapping the Gulf Countries.


We have big goals but we have given our self-enough time to achieve them. We are in No Hurry. We want to grow but want to do it in the right way

Yes, you can but Strategic Business Association fees will be applicable for other place as well as different Agreement would be prepared and entered.

Consultation (FAQ's)

Career Consultation is a process by which a Professional Career Consultant provide assistance to an Individual or a small group of Individuals so that they can make informed career choices and transitions: such as extensive assessment as well as the provision of Career Information and a focus on Career Decision Making.

Career is the most important aspect of one’s life as it defines who we are and who we will be in the future and with a huge number of options available in the market it can get really confusing. Often we follow the footsteps of our family members or peers and end up doing something we are barely interested in, here, career consultation helps you in choosing the career which suits you the best according to you skill, aptitude and interest.

If you are in 9th/ 10 standard, 12th Standard, Graduation or Masters. You can also take career consultation in your mid career if you think you want to do something that matches your skill and interest.

We have a Three Step Procedure for determining the best suited career for you; Computer Based Test, Grapho Analysis and Face to Face Session with the expert. All these steps will give the answer to your queries regarding career.

There are 5 packages and you can choose anyone of them. The Packages are as follows:
a) Platinum Packages: This package includes Computer Based Test (CBT), Grapho Analysis and Face to Face session Experts.
b) Gold Package: This package includes CBT AND Face to Face Session with Experts.
c) Silver Package: This package includes CBT only, where in you can test your Aptitude, Personality, Skill and Interest.
d) Career Consultation: This package includes a personal Face to Face Session with the expert.
e) Subject Selection Test: In this package you can determine the career options available for you, your interests, skill, aptitude and personality.

You can take the Subject Selection Test to know which stream is best for you.

You can choose any career consultation package and book an appointment with us. You can also contact us and we will guide you through.

Consultation and Counselling are often thought to mean the same. But, as per our belief, there's one major difference between Consultation & Counselling: Consultation is professional in approach whereas Counselling is personal in approach. Without invading the personal space of our clients, we strive to address their problems professionally. CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd is purely into Consultation: Career, Business Ideation & Human Resource. Our Consultants follow a Professional & Holistic approach comprising of: 1. Computer Based Test 2. Grapho-Analysis 3. Face to Face Discussion.

Certification (FAQ's)

These courses help in giving your career a head start by assisting you in Daily course of work life be it any fraternity which involves people and team.

These courses bridge the gap between your knowledge and skills and help you understand the concept of Human Resource Management and assist in developing your skill and make you a specialized professional.

Anyone who wants to learn about Human Resources Management, be it student or working Professional.

Yes, you will be getting a Course Completion Certificate.

You can do as many courses as to want according to your interest.

There are two types of courses: Short Term Courses and Long Term Courses. In short term course can get an access to all the courses for a period of one year and can get certificated on anyone of the course.

Yes, you can do the same. You will have to pay Rs 499 for each course and appear for the course related assessment and get certified.