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Wondering which way to steer your career? Want to start your own venture but you’re unsure about what you really want? Looking to understand your employees better?

Whatever be your need, we’re here to help you arrive at a better decision

for a brighter future!

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Torn between your head and heart? Don’t be - listen to both! Picking a career is a huge decision to take and you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you’re just starting out or switching careers, we assist you to make a decision based on a combination of thoughtful listening and systematic analysis:

  • CBT: A Computer Based Test delves deep into your mind, bringing your interests, personality, aptitude, skills and attitude to the fore.
  • Graphoanalysis: Did you know, your handwriting reveals more about your personality than you may be aware of? We study your conscious and subconscious personality by analysing the loops, curves, lines and dots - all the little details one usually overlooks.
  • Personal discussion: We don’t want to miss a thing about you - personal interactions allow us to understand your smallest hopes to biggest ambitions, so we can arrive at your perfect career decision!

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  • CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • Graphology analysis
  • Career counseling with our expert
  • CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • Career counseling with our expert
Career Counseling
  • Personal session with our expert
  • Career Mapping
Subject Selection
  • CBT (Computer Based Test)