Which book is the first book ever to be launched via a webinar?

At CPHR we are proud to be the world record holder for launching the first ever book via a Webinar/Online Event. The book titled “Transformational HR- Beyond Processes” by renowned author and HR Specialist Dr Mohammed Bawaji (CEO, CPHR Services Pvt Ltd) became the first ever book to be launched online and won an award for the brilliant tool it is based on by Innovation Society India for a Global Innovative HR Process Tool. The HR Process Effectiveness Tool, encapsulates 21 elements of HR Processes in a single diagram, thus making it easy to use and enabling organisations to simplify management processes and achieve excellence.

The Online launch that led to a World Record

“Transformational HR- Beyond Processes’ which was launched on 27 June 2020 via a webinar which was graced by Chief guest Veteran Col. Lalit Rai Decorated Kargil War Hero, Recipient of Vir Chakra by President of India. Other esteemed guest of the event included Dr Sachin Vernekar , Dean Faculty of Management and Dir. IMED, BhartiVidyapeeth University, Dr Adya Sharma (Director SCMS, Symbiosis International University and Shk Abdealy Bhanpurawala, PRO Dawat-e- hadiyah. All those present lauded the efforts of Dr. Bawaji and expressed admiration for the book. The event was a huge success and was featured in all leading newspapers at the time. In December 2020, the book came to be recognized as the first ever book to be launched via a webinar and secured a world record by Golden Book of records. In addition, the prestigious Star 2020 certificate, by world publishing company.UK was awarded to Dr Mohammed Bawaji for launching the book by way of a webinar.

Collaboration with Quality Certification London

Due to the success of the tool, CPHR was appointed as third-party auditor for carrying out internal audits using innovative technology by Quality Certification London. This led to our academy, and courses therein, being accredited by QCL.

Book in a nutshell

Based on the award-winning tool, Transformational HR Beyond processes elaborates on the twenty -one elements of simplifying HR process management. To be able to say that HR processes are effective, there must be a strategy or tool that elucidates an organization’s techniques and processes so that selecting, retaining and motivating the right employees becomes a seamless process. The main elements of the tool integrate HR functions with one and another and at the same time align with overall organisational strategy. The crucial elements of the tool further elaborated in the book include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development, and Rewards. The implementation of the HR Process Effectiveness tool ensures that these elements are conducted in perfect harmony ensuring an increase in efficiency of the organisation as a whole.

Genius of a single diagram

These elements presented in a single diagram to make it easy for an organization to use so that overall efficiency can be achieved. The book talks about HR and its processes and how simplifying them can be beneficial to an organization. Managing processes can be a very daunting task and the idea behind the tool and book is to make this task look effortless and smooth. A certification course based on the tool was further developed to help individuals becomes experts at the tool. The e-book, print version and certification course are all available at https://academy.cphrservices.in/ .

In Conclusion

The HR Process Effectiveness Tool or HRPET is now globally recognised and a must use for students, HR aspirants, business owners and professionals from all sections of the corporate and business world. The book is in simple easy to understand language, explains the tool in detail and carries a screenshot at the end of each chapter making it an engaging read till the very end. Online and print versions are available at our website for purchase.

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