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COVID-19 pandemic has affected 315 million, Indian students. The only way to be connected to education is through e-learning. More students, educators, and professionals are using the internet to learn and teach. E-learning might have started a few decades ago, but now, it is here to stay and thrive like never before. Let’s discuss how to use online learning to make our careers better.

Speed, flexibility, and data are the 3 major benefits of e-learning for both learners and educators. But on top of all that, to make use of e-learning, you need to plan the outcomes you want to achieve and how much time you require for it. Be disciplined about learning, which is tough given the fact that we are just not used to using the Internet for learning purposes.

How to choose a good e-learning platform?

Search for courses to boost your career. In the future, job perspective courses should be included in our curriculum. E-learning platforms are like offline learning education systems, need to be seen from a perspective of relevance, quality, and convenience. Enroll in all the free classes offered by all these platforms.

How can you compensate for increased screen time?

Indians are not made to Work from Home or Study from Home. But now we need to make adjustments. Invest in good ergonomic furniture and create a space in your home for studying. Understand how to keep your posture correct and your hands and fingers rested to avoid back pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel, and repetitive strain injuries. Then protect your eyes using anti-glare, anti-blue light spectacles. Cover your computer screen with radiation protection screens and change the display settings of your phone to reduced blue light mode. Use the screen time counters on your phone or on YouTube to reduce your time in front of the screen. Use tips like 20-20-20 your daily mantra. After every 20 minutes of screen time, take a break for 20 seconds by looking at something 20 feet away!

How to make a career in e-learning?

E-learning offers a plethora of opportunities. Imagine- the entire school or college building that you are used to seeing, now exists in the cloud. So there are obviously things which the school doesn’t need anymore, like plumbing but there are other things that the school needs now, like data security. If you have taken a class on zoom, using slides, or on a WhatsApp video call with your teacher writing on a blackboard using chalk and shouting at his/her phone, you know that the experience is not very pleasant. So technologists, computer programmers, content makers, digital marketers, cybersecurity are some of the obvious career options but psychologists, sociologists, curriculum designers, business analysts, lawyers – all are needed for this new ecosystem.

Advice: Invest in Career Consulting

Uncertain times can be converted into opportunities. Your mind opens up to newer possibilities. But learning the hard away or trial and error is not the best approach. So invest in understanding which opportunities will exist in the future and which opportunities are best suited, as per your aptitude, personality, interests, education qualifications, work experience, personal factors. Be creative in your decision making. With technology, career consulting has become faster, more accurate, and more convenient. But choose consultants who are easily accessible to you.


All of us need to be ready to adapt. Because the sooner you adapt, the sooner you can be successful.

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