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Torn between your head and heart? Don’t be – listen to both! Picking a career is a huge decision to take and you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you’re just starting out or switching careers, we assist you to make a decision based on a combination of thoughtful listening and systematic analysis:
  • CBT:
    A Computer Based Test delves deep into your mind, bringing your interests, personality, aptitude, skills and attitude to the fore.
  • Graphoanalysis:
    Did you know, your handwriting reveals more about your personality than you may be aware of? We study your conscious and subconscious personality by analysing the loops, curves, lines and dots – all the little details one usually overlooks.
  • Personal discussion:
    We don’t want to miss a thing about you – personal interactions allow us to understand your smallest hopes to biggest ambitions, so we can arrive at your perfect career decision!


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  • CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • Graphology analysis
  • Career counseling with our expert
  • CBT (Computer Based Test)
  • Career counseling with our expert
Career Counseling
  • Personal session with our expert
  • Career Mapping
Subject Selection
  • CBT (Computer Based Test)


Give your entrepreneurial ambition, aptitude, and attitude a head start! Tell us about your startup dreams and we’ll help you pick the right path. We ideate with you to understand your hopes, aspirations, skills and personality, for a tailor-made decision. Here’s how:
  • Logo Analysis:
    Your company logo speaks to your customer even before you can – it makes the first impression. We derive deep insight from the existing logo and analyse it to understand the mindset of your business. We then develop a conceptual logo, based on your goals, ideologies, vision and mission. If you don’t already have a logo, we’ll help you create one!
  • Handwriting Analysis:
    We analyse the slant, loops, curves and dots of your handwriting, along with your signature. It gives us a clear understanding of how you think and what you really want to achieve.

Your dream startup is just a step away!

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Looking into everyday management is time consuming; time you’d rather spend on bigger goals and more demanding aspects of business. If you’re outsourcing HR services, our end-to-end HR solutions will help you manage all your requirements – HR planning, training, branding and

  • HR Planning:
    We collaborate with you to understand your business’ manpower requirements and make arrangements to find the best fit for the job. We also foresee probable vacancies and plan for the future, accordingly.
  • Selection & Recruitment:
    CPHR Services selects and recruits the right person for the right job. Our experienced team of experts ensures you and your employees are always on the same page.
  • Performance Management:
    This includes setting fair goals and expectations for your employees and then reviewing their performance on a regular basis, along with providing feedback. We monitor individual employees, departments and organizations on the whole.
  • Employee Welfare Management:
    Attending to your employees’ comfort goes a long way in improving morale and raising productivity. We help you decide which services and facilities will benefit them.
  • Training & Development:
    Help your employees upskill and develop additional competency. CPHR Classic assists you with on-the-job training so that they are able to cultivate a better attitude, skills and knowledge for greater efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • HRIT:
    Leverage the benefits of the full suite of HR software we provide, to make HR management easier! We’ll guide you to the one that fits your business needs.
  • Statutory Compliance:
    We make work easier for you. Experience our end-to-end documentation services where we lay down Company rules and regulations, covering every facet, such as how the organization must interact with its employees.
  • Statutory Compliance Audit:
    Systematically reviewing your existing HR policies, procedures and systems allows us to locate areas for improvement. We suggest ways you can enhance HR function and also assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.
  • HR Branding:
    HR branding creates and magnifies the goodwill of your organisation. We tap all the right resources to promote and develop your brand’s HR, through digital marketing.

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Recruitment Analysis (For Corporate Clients only)

Graphology can help in recruiting the right people for the right job. E.g. If a company wants to recruit excellent team players or very strong leaders etc., graphology can help in identifying these individuals via their handwriting and this can easily benefit the individual and organization. Handwriting can reveal so many characters of person, under below are some of them:

  • Leadership quality of a candidate
  • Trust worthiness in handling finance
  • Tendency to change the job/company frequently
  • Behaviour with juniors
  • Behaviour with seniors
  • Behaviour with people of the opposite gender in the organization
  • Traits of Revolting against management
  • Handling conflict situations
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Creative thinker
  • Optimistic nature of the candidate
  • Group-work abilities
  • Quality management ability
  • Ability to complete the project/job in time
  • Job sincerity of a candidate etc


Wondering which way to steer your career? Want to start your own venture but you’re unsure about what you really want? Looking to understand your employees better?


Whatever be your need, we’re here to help you arrive at a better decision

for a brighter future!

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