Becoming a Business Associate with CPHR Services

Becoming a Strategic Business Associate with CPHR is easy and requires investment only in terms of your time and dedication. From the comfort of your place of residence, you can enter into a beneficial relationship with us. All you have to do is register your interest and we will set up an online meet with our support team. Upon establishing a good fit, you will be brought up to speed on all tools and services that we offer. All terms pertaining to our mutually beneficial relationship will be outlined and you can start there after! 

We are looking for associates all over the world to form a global network, so refer your friends and colleagues to become a part of this global set-up of win-win relationships.

Why should you partner with us?

It is our dream to create a global network of business associates to enter into win-win relationships. We aspire to bring individuals with leadership and entrepreneurial qualities in a mutually beneficial relationship with us.


Get in touch if you are serious about becoming an associate of CPHR, have a vision and drive to achieve new personal heights and would like to earn with only investing your time to establish fruitful partnerships. You should possess exceptional communication interpersonal skills with an entrepreneurial attitude.

How does it work?

Get in touch to set up a meeting with our support team

Learn about our business and the amazing HR tools and services we provide.

Discuss all possibilities of how you can come on-board and enter a beneficial and exclusive partnership with us. 

Get acquainted with the team and begin your associate journey with CPHR.

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