After a decade of enthusiasm and excellence put together, we are proud to announce that amongst the 20 most promising HRO Companies in India CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd. has been recognised as the 2nd Best HRO Company by Silicon India.

The Background Verification wing of CPHR Services, along with our backend associate which is an ISO 27001:2005 certified company helps you to establish the true identity of your prospective and/or current employee and enables the organizations to minimize the risk of frauds, thefts, industrial espionage, operation disruptions and reputation damage.

Most importantly it facilitates the organization in providing a safe and secure work environment. We provide comprehensive range of employee background screening services which is available to our clients across the country.  Our pre-employment screening services also helps organizations in complying with some of the country and industry specific regulations and laws as we can assist our clients in performing overseas verifications too.

Our specialized bundle of services includes.

  1. • Verification of academics and professional qualifications.
  2. • Past employment history verifications, including interviews with past superiors
  3. • Criminal records search through Police records, Court records, Criminality database.
  4. • Address verification including neighborhood check.
  5. • Personal/professional reference checks.
  6. • Regulatory and Compliance Database checks.
  7. • Comprehensive media searches.
  8. • Drug testing (Drug panel tests)
  9. • Identify verifications through Passport authentication,
  10. • Authentication of Driver’s license, PAN card and other personal identity documents.
  11. Resume validation
  12. Credit checks in countries where these are legally accessible.