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A Brief

The 7 Step Approach to Counselling is a detailed process which will ensue an individual to learn and recognize himself, his abilities and skills and areas of interest so as to make the right educational and career decision. Let’s take career development, for e.g. it is not just about choosing a stream and a job type, it is a much-detailed process in order to get from where you are to where you would like to be. Individuals who desire to become certified in the 7 Step Approach to Counselling need to have a competency in communication and analysis and should have a passion to help and guide others. This unique tool devised by Dr. Mohammed Bawaji details an innovative approach to counselling whereby the whole process from start to end becomes seamless. Right from gathering data, verifying it, then analysing it and conducting related tests to finally reaching a conclusion and aligning it with the initial wants, the entire approach is ingenious and possible to do with the help of these 7 steps. An in-depth explanation of techniques is exhibited in the diagram which is further supported by relevant discussion that provides a holistic approach to the world of counselling, where focus on this 7 Step Approach is given.

Award and Recognition

On the 11th of October, Dr Mohammed Bawaji received a prestigious award from the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards for Global Innovative Talent. At CPHR, we believe everyone can benefit from counselling and to become a counsellor there are certain steps common to all forms of counselling. The award-winning diagram elaborates these techniques in a concise and easy to use manner which aims to help people from all walks of life.

Reach and CSR

CPHR Services Pvt. Ltd has a vision of reaching this tool to as many as remote and rural areas of our country as possible at no cost to enable teachers and educators to become counsellors for their students after leaning the above model. This can benefit those children who do not have the means to afford and access such guidance to make choices regards to education and career. Furthermore, it is our aim to make this tool accessible to all B.Ed. and D.Ed. graduates who go on to teach in rural areas or join the Teach for India program. We have been successful in initiating this vision and reaching few villages in Maharashtra so far and continue to strive to work toward our goal.


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