Recruitment consulting for Corporate Clients

Graphology can help in recruiting the right people for the right job. E.g. if a company wants to recruit excellent team players or very strong leaders etc., graphology can help in identifying these individuals via their handwriting and this can easily benefit the individual and organization. Handwriting can reveal so many characters of person, under below are some of them:

  • Leadership quality of a candidate
  • Trust worthiness in handling finance
  • Tendency to change the job/company frequently
  • Behaviour with juniors
  • Behaviour with seniors
  • Behaviour with people of the opposite gender in the organization
  • Traits of Revolting against management
  • Handling conflict situations
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Creative thinker
  • Optimistic nature of the candidate
  • Group-work abilities
  • Quality management ability
  • Ability to complete the project/job in time
  • Job sincerity of a candidate etc
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