Process Management Consulting

In the endeavour to migrate from ‘Person driven management’ to ‘System driven management’; all forward looking organizations need to have the full proof processes in place. Various tools used for the same include process flowchart, concept map and process manual. We at CPHR take pride in offering our ‘Process Management’ expertise through the following tools:

1. Process Flowchart

Process flowchart is the diagrammatic representation of how the process ought to be. The bird eye view of the entire process enables the stakeholder to better understand and visualise the process, use it as the part of ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ and is simple yet effective way of decision making.

2. Concept Map

Concept map is the pictorial view of the functions or departments within the organization. It is one of the best tools to put the things in perspective as it gives zoomed-out view of the function or department. It encompasses functional interrelations, interdependencies with internal and external environments, input requirements, process requisites, function deliverables and numerous other factors.

3. Process Manual

Process manual is the detailed write-up of the entire process. Most of all the successful organizations are system driven whereby they have detailed documentation of the processes. This not only is the most crucial part of all ‘Process Certifications’ but also serves as an integral tool for change management, standardization and trainings.

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