Personal Consulting

The analysis report will broadly include your strengths and weaknesses, and which area you can excel in. We will cover various character traits like Decision making ability, Mental Attitude, Health Concerns, Cynicism, Difference of Opinion, Patience, Social Comfort, Relationship with Family Members, Performance, Expression, Reasoning Ability, Cognitive Ability, Emotional Stability, Acceptance, Responsible, Endurance, Problem Solving Skills, Financial Understanding, Communication skills, Commitment, Result orientation and so on.

For Personal consulting we majorly answer the specific questions asked only. In addition to the same, we provide reports for the following:

Graphology analysis

Graphology is the science of understanding the human sub-conscious mind through one’s handwriting, signature and drawing. Our sub-conscious mind designs our brain. The brain gives impulses to our fingers and thumb when we ‘think’. This gets imprinted on the paper through the pen when we write, sign or draw. The science behind the interpretation of these impulses is known as Graphology. These impulses appear on the page in the form of dots. A series of dots creates lines, loops, curves and angles. These dots, lines, loops, curves and angles appear in handwriting, signature as well as drawing.

Since our fingers are assigned the maximum space in our brain, they activate the maximum part of our brain. Since we write, sign and draw with our fingers, our handwriting, signature and drawing can tell us a lot about our activated brain. Graphology can benefit you to understand yourself, your family, friends and colleagues. It can help to select the correct life partners and business partners. It can play a huge role in child development. It can also help to solve crimes like theft, forgery, kidnappings, suicides or murders. It is also widely used to recruit, promote, demote, transfer and train employees of a company.

Graphology analysis report includes the analysis of handwriting, signature and drawing of the writer. For the same a sample must be collected as follows:

  • Write one and a half page in English (use 2 blank A4 sheets and ball pen for this purpose).
  • Write on only one side of the paper.
  • Write on any topic, starting with your introduction. Please mention your full name and age in your introduction.
  • Please do not copy any matter and do not write poems.
  • Conclude your writing with your official signature 3 times.
  • Please write your full name underneath the signature.
  • Please draw scenery which should include Sun, Mountain, Water, Tree, House and Human on the third page. To this drawing you can also add any other elements that you wish to.
  • Be comfortable while writing and drawing (avoid standing).
*terms & conditions apply