Consulting offers aspirants more systematic and thoughtful way to make a better choice for themselves. Consulting enables deep inner exploration to understand their core interests, family influences, aptitude, personality, skills and attitudes. We adopt the GHT concept of working, whereby we concentrate on Guidance, Hope & Thought for an aspirant. It is a unique method outside the conventional methods of problem solving known as Consulting.

We provide Education/Career/Job/Business/Personal consulting and provide an analysis report which can help the aspirant to solve the queries. Our analysis report is based on graphology analysis which consists the following:

1. Handwriting Analysis

2. Signature Analysis

3. Drawing Analysis

4. Logo Analysis

Through this process we find hidden abilities, strengths & weaknesses, provide an insight into personality & aspects of work.

We conduct lectures for educational institution/corporate clients. These lectures will also be followed by basic personal analysis of the attendees by our team of analysts.

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